Symbols of the origami

To describe a diagram of an origami we use the symbols which are understand by everybody. It is indispensable to master the most current symbols to understand a diagram. In this page we present you this figurative that will be you so useful for achieve your origami.

The full arrow Arrows full means to bend by before.

The dotted lines Line stippled some means to make a fold valley (or fold in hollow).

The empty arrow empty arrow means to bend by behind.

The dot-and-dash line Dot-and-dash line (alternation of dashes and points) means to make a mountain fold

The wrapped arrow wrapped arrows means to return the leaf.

The double arrow double arrows (empty and full) means fold and then unfold.

The arrow that bounced arrow that bounced means to fold and refold.

The arrow in Z Arrows in Z means to bend fan-fold.

The arrow in S arrow in S means to make a fold reversed interior.

The double arrow rounded Double arrow
means to make a fold reversed external.

The arrow in double Z external Arrow in double Z external means to make a double fold reversed external.

The arrow in double Z interns Flèche in double Z interns means to make a double fold reversed interior.

The full arrow pike Dawned of full arrow means to press (to make a fold reversed interior).

The arrow short empty Arrow short emptiness means to open the paper (to make a fold reversed external).

The arrow cut Arrow gangway means to do again at the indicated place right side up.

The empty arrow without feather Arrows gangway means enlarged view.